Dublin Ohio Dental Crowns

According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR), the mouth contains hundreds of different types of bacteria. Although some of these bacteria are beneficial, others are harmful and cause dental conditions such as tooth decay and cavities. Fortunately, this damage sometimes only affects the crown meaning tooth removal is not necessary. In this case, Powell Dental Care dentistry specialists can fit residents of Powell and Dublin, Ohio with artificial caps to restore the functionality and look of their teeth.

An Overview of Dental Crowns

A dental crown is an artificial crown that is fixed onto an existing tooth or implant. Dental experts may recommend dental caps to cover fractured teeth, protect damaged teeth from further damage, cover discolored or poorly shaped teeth, cover a natural gap in your teeth, or cover a tooth that has undergone a canal procedure. With this in mind, these local Dublin dentists excel in fitting dental crowns for several reasons including:

Expertise in Making Dental Crowns

The dental health experts at Powell Dental Care use different materials including porcelain, glass, ceramic, and gold alloys to make crowns that suit the needs and preferences of different patients. While dental caps are usually made of porcelain bonded to a metal, all-ceramic caps that do not contain metallic compounds have become a popular alternative in recent years. Whatever dental crown option you desire, you can have it custom-made and fitted at Powell Dental Care.

Comprehensive Pre- and Post-dental Crown Fitting Care

Patients who visit Powell Dental Care undergo comprehensive care that focuses on their health before and after they are fitted with dental caps. More specifically, patients are subjected to exhaustive review of their oral as well as overall health during their first visit. This is in addition to creating an impression of the crown. Where necessary, the attending dentist may perform filling to ensure that the artificial cap fits perfectly. What’s more, the crown is designed to match the color and shape of your natural teeth. After fitting, you may be required to return for readjustment if your bite does feel comfortable. Patients also receive advice on dental crown care including brushing and flossing tips. If you take good care of your caps, they can last decades or your lifetime depending on age.

Residents of Powell and Dublin, Ohio can easily access dental healthcare services including fitting of dental crowns at Powell Dental Care. Patients also enjoy a wide range of pre- and post-dental fitting care services some of which are offered at no extra cost.