Tooth loss can have a very negative effect on your smile, and it is relatively common. Some people suffer from tooth loss after being in an accident, such as a blunt force trauma to the mouth. Another common reason is tooth decay. If you suffer from tooth loss, there are two treatments available. The first is dental bridges and the second is dental implants. Of the two options, dental implants are more expensive, however, they are more beneficial than dental bridges.

Dental Implants Are Permanent

One of the biggest benefits of implants is that they are permanent. If you treat your tooth loss with dental bridges, you would need to replace them every few years. This is not the case with dental implants. The implant would be drilled directly into your jawbone, and the artificial tooth would be fitted into the implant.

They Are Easy to Clean

When you have dental bridges, you would need to remove them when you brush your teeth. You would also need to soak them regularly to remove any tartar and bacteria from the bridge. To clean your implant, you simply brush it the same way you would your natural teeth.

You Can Eat Anything You Want

If you have dental bridges, you need to be careful what you eat. There are certain foods that can damage the bridge. Sticky foods like taffy can get stuck to the bridge causing damage. Hard foods such as ice, pizza crust, and hard candy can also damage the bridge. When you have implants, you can eat anything you want. Because the implant is anchored into the jawbone, there is no risk of damage.

Natural Appearance

Depending on the tooth that the dental bridge is replacing, you might be able to see pieces of the metal wire when you smile. This is not the case with dental implants. Implants are the most natural looking way to treat tooth loss.

No Risk to the Surrounding Teeth

In order for a dental bridge to be held in your mouth, it would be anchored with a metal wire on the surrounding teeth. Over time, this can damage the teeth. Since implants are anchored into the jawbone, there is no risk of damage to the surrounding teeth.

If you suffer from tooth loss and you want to most convenient and natural looking treatment available, you should consider Dublin dental implants. The doctors and the staff of Powell Dental Care are the best people to provide these services in the Powell Ohio and Dublin Ohio area.