Unfortunately, everyone wasn’t born with a perfect smile. If you have an overbite, an underbite, crowded teeth, or gaps in your teeth, there are treatments available. The most common treatments for these problems are traditional metal braces and Invisalign. Of the two option, Invisalign has more benefits.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a way to perfect your smile using a series of aligners. As your teeth start to move into place, you would change to a different size aligner. During their treatment, most patients would need 6 to 10 aligners to complete the treatment.

What Advantages Does Invisalign Have Over Metal Braces?

While metal braces work great in straightening your teeth, Invisalign has many more benefits.

1. They are invisible: Most people avoid getting traditional metal braces because of the way they look. Invisalign is transparent, making them less noticeable.
2. No risk of tooth discoloration: When you have traditional metal braces, if you don’t brush properly, you can end up with stains on your teeth. To avoid this, you need to brush your teeth above and below the brackets. You also need to use a special tool to get underneath the wire. This is not the case with Invisalign. When you brush your teeth, you would remove the aligner and brush as you normally would.
3. You can eat anything you want: When you have braces, there are several foods that you cannot eat because they can be damaging to the braces. Some of these foods include gum, taffy, popcorn, corn on the cob, and apples. When you have Invisalign, you can eat anything. This is because you would remove your aligner before you eat.
4. Less painful: Traditional metal braces can be very painful. The metal brackets are sharp, which can cut the inside of your cheeks, lips, and your tongue. The orthodontist can give you wax to cover the sharp edges, but it can still be painful. Invisalign is completely smooth, therefore, you don’t need to worry about cutting the inside of your mouth.
5. Shorter treatment: If you are going with traditional metal braces for your treatment, you could end up wearing them for as long as 5 years, depending on how serious your problem is. If you have Invisalign, you can complete your treatment in half the time that it would take with traditional metal braces.

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