Dublin Ohio Cosmetic DentistsHere at Powell Dental Care, we know the power of a smile. We know it because we see it in all of our patients, our family and our friends. You have the ability to change someone’s day or even someone’s life with just a simple grin. However, if your smile is leaving you feeling self-conscious about your teeth, the world may be missing out on that one in a million outward reflection of an inner joy. This is why we are so passionate about being the Dublin cosmetic dentist that you trust most with something so incredibly important not only to you… but to the world around you.

Dublin Cosmetic Dentistry: A Commitment to Comfort, Character and Heart

We understand that some people have a general fear of dentist chairs. That’s ok. We understand. We want you to know that our staff is highly trained in working with people just like you who came in a little apprehensive and left wondering why they were ever afraid in the first place. Our patients are always quick to let us know that they feel instantly at home here and that is because we are so committed to not only being the best dentist in town for all your cosmetic needs, but also the dental staff with a whole lot of character and heart. It is our passion to create patients with a lifelong love of oral health care and a future of endless smiles.
Options, Options, Options

One of the main concerns that people have when approaching cosmetic procedures is that there just isn’t any hope. “This worked for my friend, but it will not work for me.” “My teeth are too crooked, broken or stained to ever be beautiful.” However, even in the most difficult cases, there are always options. Here at Powell Dental Care, we never give up on the potential of your smile because even if you think that your grin cannot be improved… it can and we can help.
Powell Dental Care is the Dublin cosmetic dentist that cares… not only about your oral health, but also about you and your family. We know that your smile is an extension of who you are and one of the many ways that you show your family, friends and loved ones how happy they make you each and every day. Together, we can create a lifetime of grins that change the world in a million and one little ways that you may never even know.