Dentures are a quick and reliable way to solve extensive tooth decay problems, large gaps, missing teeth and the like. You have two choices when it comes to getting dentures. You can choose full dentures or partial dentures. Full dentures take the place of all of your upper teeth, lower teeth or both layers. Partial dentures only consist of one or a few “teeth” that can take the place of the teeth that you lost. Partial dentures can vary from inexpensive material to the most sturdy material you can experience.

The Benefits of Dentures

Many benefits exist to getting Dublin dentures in place of your teeth. One of the most common benefits of getting dentures is a cosmetic benefit. You will never again have to feel uncomfortable in your workplace or when you are talking to other people. Another benefit of getting dentures is that they can keep the foundation of your mouth straight and stop the teeth from shifting just because you have some missing teeth. Dublin dentures can indirectly boost your self-esteem and confidence. They can put a little pep in your step.

The Denture Procedure

No matter which type of dentures you are getting, you’ll have to have a mold of your teeth taken. The tooth mold allows the dental lab to create a precise replica of your bite so that they can make your dentures. That part of the process comes after your X-rays and your consultation, and it will only come if you approve the procedure. After you take the mold, the dental lab will start working on your dentures. The dentist will fit them and help you to put them on after they come in. The lab will try to get them back to the dentist as quickly as possible so you can go on with your life and smile like you just won the lottery.

Schedule an Appointment

You can schedule an appointment for an initial X-ray and examination today.  A courteous representative will make an appointment, and then our compassionate dentist will speak to you about getting some things done. He or she will recommend the best option for you, and you can accept his or advice and get started on a fabulous denture treatment plan.