A person’s smile says a lot about personality. Smiling is a chance to show confidence, joy, friendliness, and warmth. Do you wish you could convey your feelings with a toothy smile but avoid showing teeth because they are badly stained? Professional tooth whitening could restore your grin and allow you to be your most natural self.

Tooth Whitening Options

Every store boasting an aisle devoted to dental tools such as brushes and floss contains whitening products like special toothpastes and whitening strips. These are home-based solutions to stained teeth and fairly easy to use. Results can be good enough if staining is limited or if you aren’t aiming very high, but for heavy staining or higher expectations there is nothing like a professional approach.

For one thing, dentists can assist their clients with stronger bleaching formulas that are simply unavailable on the shelves of a drug store or supermarket. Secondly, when a dentist makes up your kit, he customizes it for your mouth, not a generic patient. Every mouth is different and you don’t want bleach on gums; just on teeth. Have other methods of whitening let you down? Don’t be discouraged; set higher goals for whiter teeth and see what happens when you stake your success on a dentist-approved method.

Teeth Whitening with Trays in Dublin and Powell Ohio

One of the most effective methods of whitening teeth is to go home with a tray. Your dentist will create the tray to fit your teeth specifically and not your gums so the bleach hits the entire area of each tooth but does not cause discomfort to your gums. A perfect fit is comfortable and it won’t feel like as much of a chore to wear the trays for two weeks when the dimensions are just right.

Reusable trays from the dentist can also be filled with a strong bleach solution at a later date when staining returns, as it most certainly will for the patient who loves coffee, sips blueberry juice, and indulges in red wine occasionally. Obtain more of the bleach from your dentist; this strong solution is only available at the office.

How Effective is Professional Tooth Whitening?

Brushing teeth with a special whitening paste that costs $4 a tube might lighten their color one or perhaps two shades. Strips and some over-the-counter trays could double those results. With at-home, professional teeth whitening trays, customers notice a difference that shines; teeth that are ten or more shades lighter than before. They see some results right away, but after two weeks it will be hard to imagine how stained those teeth once were.