Headaches, facial pain, jaw clicking – sound familiar? Studies show that 10 million Americans suffer from these TMD-related symptoms. At Powell Dental Care, we take a whole-body approach to dentistry. We will examine your jaw joints and bite alignment to ensure your teeth do not cause you pain. Oftentimes, we can eliminate headaches and correct TMJ disorder with simple therapies.

The temporomandibular joint is one of the most complex – and the most sensitive – joints in the body. You have two of them, located just below your ears. They work with the muscles, ligaments, and jawbones to control your facial movements. When the TM joints are misaligned, a host of painful symptoms can follow.

The good news is that TMJ disorder can be diagnosed and treated by your dentist. We can create a custom nightguard that helps the muscles relax and the joints find a comfortable resting position. Relieving muscle and jaw tension will improve your comfort and prevent the tooth wear and fracture that often accompanies TMJ disorder.

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